So here I am to say a great big thank you for all you did for us at our NASM. The transportation – getting us back and forth to the airport, back and forth to restaurants, etc. was phenomenal and a huge burden off our shoulders. You cannot know how grateful we are and how helpful that was to us. Not having to do that lifted a major burden and one we could never have done as well as you did – so thank you!!! What was so amazing too was that you were like a great photographer at a wedding – you go about your job quietly, efficiently – every once and awhile you are noticed and the end result is fantastic, beautiful photos. And you look at these photos and say – wow, I never saw her take that! My, look at that one – where was she?! -Or you could compare you to a fantastic waiter/waitress at a great restaurant – always there to meet your need before you even look around. Those are signs of someone who knows exactly what they are doing and are confident enough not to take the limelight. You were awesome!


My client has very high expectations for this particular trip and several times I pressed Destination Services of Santa Fe to step away from the traditional program options and provide me with a WOW factor. Marcia delivered on every occasion. Her processes and forms take the burden of those elements out of your hands and capture the information needed to make all transitions, whether group or individual, smooth and effortless. On site implementation is efficient and invisible. Partnering with Marcia and her company will provide your group a strong infrastructure for a successful and memorable event.
~ Strat-e-gy Association and Event Management

Destination Services of Santa Fe was responsible for every detail — from the actual venue, to the menu, linens, chairs, flowers, entertainment, and bus transportation. Marcia Skillman has wowed our guests every time. Her creativity and attention to detail is impeccable. You can’t find a better event planner.
~ National Economic Research Association

I have full confidence in Destination Services of Santa Fe to provide you with absolutely fantastic service. Marcia Skillman is very professional, reliable and honest. Davis has done a couple of meetings with Marcia and was absolutely satisfied. We make sure to use Marcia whenever we have meetings in Santa Fe. Our each meeting has approximately 200 people and we have never had any problems with Destination Services of Santa Fe. I am very detailed myself and found that working with Marcia was very pleasant and exactly how I would do it myself, which makes it easy to trust her.
~ Davis Advisors